Angie Corbett-Kuiper graduated from college from NMSU with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing. It was at NMSU where she met her first husband. Upon graduation in 1987 she began her corporate career with Xerox Corporation. In 1989 she was married, had two boys, still continued to work for corporate America but changed directions to the medical and scientific world of biopharmaceuticals.

Angie has always loved science, and now she was working for the largest research and pharmaceutical companies in the world, including Bayer Healthcare. For 21 years Angie thrived on learning new therapies for very rare disease states and partnered with her physicians in helping patients manage their diagnosis. It was imperative for her to thoroughly understand scientific and medical data to offer value when working with physicians and their ancillary staff.


On June 1, 2011, two years after her divorce from her first husband of twenty years, she met who became her second husband, Dr. Johannes Jacob Kuiper who specialized as a Heart Failure Cardiologist at Baylor University Medical Center, in the Transplant Department in Dallas, TX.

Johannes (Jan) and Angie were engaged on Sunday, September 2011 on the top of La Luz Trail on the Sandia Mountain hilltop where he proposed to her as he opened a bottle of wine to celebrate. Jan and Angie were completely and deeply in love.


On March 31, 2015, Angie’s first-born son, Nicholas Max Corbett, twenty years old, took his life.


The death of her son changed Angie for life. There is not a word or a way to describe the tremendous grief of losing a child. Days she couldn’t get up. She didn’t remember to eat. She lost 10 pounds in the matter of a week. Questions, guilt, pain, suffering all flooded her mind and took over her entire being.

Angie was grateful for Jan. Jan was so instrumental in helping her navigate the pain of grief and loss.

It was after several months and the most painful moments she had ever experienced in her life when Jan asked her, “What do you want to do?” He did not want her going back into “Big Pharma,” which was merely a job.She had never thought about it before. She always just did what she was “supposed” to and what she “needed to” do to provide for her family. Happiness, as she was raised, was selfish.


On April 16, 2016, Jan and Angie were married.

It was a fairy tale surprise wedding which began celebrating his 50th Birthday and ended in “I do.” Surrounded by their closest family, friends, and peers from Baylor. As her younger son, Zach, walked her down the aisle, Angie so wished Nick were there to celebrate with them. He would have loved this party.

The evening was a black and white Rat-Pack themed Frank Sinatra celebration with all of their friends, family, peers, and ancillary staff from Baylor. It was truly a fairy tale wedding.


On April 25th, nine days after their wedding, Angie received a text message from Jan’s partner at Baylor wondering if she had seen Dr. Kuiper. She knew something was terribly wrong.

Jan had taken his life.


Not only one, but now two suicides in a little more than a year’s time. She didn’t know what to do. She felt so alone, found herself crying uncontrollably and spent more time under her covers eating gallons of ice cream than she found herself vertical. “Why?” She asked. “Why me?” She was in such pain and did not understand why this was happening.

She knew she needed to do something or she, too, could have very easily and quickly fallen into the grave with her son and now brand-new husband.

It was through deep meditation, counseling, following paths that were presented and not judging any of them.

She made the decision that Nick’s and Jan’s choices would not define her. Angie decided to share her story via seminars, workshops, radio shows, and retreats. She shares what continues to work for her in hopes of offering pearls for others who may find themselves struggling with the painful grief and loss of a loved one.


Death changed Angie. From that point on, in between the painful grieving process and then deciding what she would do with this huge wrinkle in her life, she chose to continue to help others begin to realize who they are and to die to themselves before they found themselves confronted with death.


After returning home Angie took a nine month reprieve from life to sit still. It was after a meditation before bed when she put the intention out to the universe asking, “What am I supposed to do with this?” She woke in the middle of the night with her question answered… “Boldness in Death!”

Significant events transpired when she brought a team together to embark on what she thought she had been called to do. The trip leveled her, but she realized that it was because she was not following what she was called to do. She realized she was instead following what she thought she should do.


Angie’s purpose and passion are to guide others to embrace death as a part of life, not as separate from it.

These two deaths forced her to look outside of her self-limiting beliefs about everything, and in so doing she was able to find a better and more joyful way of living life every day with the simple understanding that we are only guaranteed this single breath, and since we don’t know when our loved ones may die, it is imperative we treat them with love, compassion, and kindness so we do not live in regret, remorse, confusion, guilt, shame, and blame. Angie has learned to love and live…differently.


Angie speaks around the world. She is writing books and is host of her hit radio show “Beyond Proof Radio” on The Transformation Talk Radio Network with Dr. Pat Baccili. She interviews guests around the world who support her mission in changing the way in which we view death, loss, and grief. She hopes to restore an optimism by sharing a different perspective which offers an uplifting, light, and positive approach to those who are willing to keep an open mind to anything and everything.

Her mission is to offer guidance to those desiring to explore beyond current self-limiting beliefs surrounding death, grief, and loss to include science, metaphysics, and spirituality which support that our bodies are merely shells of our soul.

Only through significant loss has Angie truly begun to live.