Beyond Proof Retreat

For Mothers Who Have Lost a Child

September 17th-20th, 2020

Ghost Ranch, New Mexico


Connect with your Child… Reconnect with Self… When a Child Dies.

Can you see yourself in the darkness of the pain, loss, death, and grief that has the potential to drown you in its wake? There is no loss greater than the death of a child, and Angie knows this grief first hand. This retreat will offer a realness and intimacy that no online program can create.

Angie has created an intimate space in the mountains of Northern New Mexico where she is inviting 10 mothers who have lost children to find the tools to move beyond grief. These tools and resources will provide a community, and a path towards healing and reconnection that will continue long after the retreat concludes.




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Host Angie Corbett-Kuiper has carefully crafted this retreat with you in mind. She provides personal instruction and offers experiential practice in a workshop setting allowing you to fine tune your newly acquired skill. Some of the methods you might find will fit nicely into your toolkit and others might just be nice to know. Each of us are individuals with different needs and desires. The goal of her retreat is providing as many resources that have worked for her after her son, Nick, died in 2015 including favorite books, meditation, understanding energy, and most importantly a mindful awareness as you continue on your life’s journey.

My life changed when I quit believing in what I had been taught and started living what I learned.



Retreat Details :

All inclusive (excluding airfare)

  • Transportation to and from the Albuquerque International Airport.

  • Three nights lodging (Single or Shared Room) at Ghost Ranch - Georgia O’Keefe’s beloved home where she lived and painted.

  • All meals and snacks from farm to table and prepared by our own personal chef.

  • Two full days of optional workshops, experiential practice sessions, lectures, meditations, journaling, relaxing, and much more...

  • Special gifts - they’re a surprise!

  • All retreat materials included


Who this retreat is for:

  • Mothers who have experienced the death of a child at any age.

  • Those who have already been through the deepest, darkest part of grief, and are ready to learn new skills and tools to connect with their child and begin living again.

  • Open minded women, ready and eager to connect with their children in ways they thought may be possible, but haven’t yet learned how.

  • This retreat is not an alternative to counseling or support groups. Mothers who have not yet processed their child’s death through other means and support systems are encouraged to do so before joining a Beyond Proof Retreat.

  • This is a women-only retreat, and all of our staff will be female as well.

Some things you will take away :

  • Learn the new language of your child.

  • Learn to trust your 5 senses so you are aware and able to recognize your sixth sense that has been hidden.

  • Learn to recognize the signs, symbols, energy, and numbers, the new language when your child presents.

  • An understanding of energy, sound, and vibration and their roles in healing through loss.

  • Learn and practice new ways to communicate with your child.

  • Practice living in the present moment to experience the signs and symbols from beyond.

  • An understanding of your self-limiting beliefs and new tools to replace them with more positive and rewarding beliefs and behaviors.

  • Tools to create a different life experience as you navigate grief starting with your thoughts.

  • And much more.

Pricing :

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL (until March 1st, 2020)

Early Bird Shared Room: $1,250

Early Bird Single Room: $1,650

REGULAR PRICE (after March 1st, 2020)

Shared Room : $1,450

Single Room: $1,850

* Does not include airfare

* This retreat is designed as a safe-space for women only, and only female staff will assist us while we are at Ghost Ranch.



Can you see yourself in the darkness of the pain, loss, death, and grief that has the potential to drown you in its wake?  

This retreat will offer a realness and intimacy that no online program can create.  If you are being called to join a like-minded group of women who are navigating the loss of a child and are wanting a different and more rewarding way in which to move forward - not only survive, but to thrive - this retreat might be for you.


Lectures with Angie

Angie knows the pain of loss first hand. She has been able to heal by finding ways to connect with her 20-year-old son, Nick, who took his life in 2015, and her second husband who took his life a year later. Through a series of lectures and demonstrations, Angie will share her strategies for healing, methods for connecting with yourself and others, and how she has been able to recognize her son in all of life’s little moments.

When you lose a child, it is so easy to find yourself lost as well. You may even be asking yourself, “what’s next?”  Or, “now what?” Your life as a mother may have been your identity for so long, and may have revolved around taking care of them. They were a part of your life and daily routine. When a child leaves this earth, it can leave you ripped wide open. What do you do now that they are no longer physically present? If your identity was based around keeping your child safe and sound, how do you begin to repair yourself and rebuild an identity without them? How do you answer, or stop asking yourself, the toughest questions - What happened? What could I have done differently? And the, “if only’s?”

On this 3-night, 4 day, all-inclusive retreat, you will find yourself in a beautiful setting, situated on the land where Georgia O’Keefe made her most brilliant work, to roam, to reflect, to contemplate… to sit still.  You will learn the techniques that have worked for Angie, after the death of her son and husband, offering assurance that your child is still right here. When you find your child, you will find something even greater…yourself.

New Tools for Healing

Angie will introduce the tools that have helped her along a healing journey after the deaths of her son and husband. To be taken, or left, these techniques are meant to provide a personalized “toolbox” to bring home with you on your journey through grief and healing.

If you find yourself believing that there might be something more. If you have a burning desire to seek and find your beloved child. If you want to learn how to reconnect with who you are, and feel the value that you and your life have on this planet right now - this retreat, in the heart of the painted desert, might be for you.


Guided Meditation

We will start each day with morning meditation, writing, and reflection. We will learn to use our breath to quiet our minds surrounded in nature. Guided meditations will lead you on a path to be able to recognize signs that our children are still with us in so many ways, and to experience them in their new forms.

Angie has carefully crafted this retreat with you in mind.  She provides personal instruction and offers experiential practice in a workshop setting allowing you to fine tune your newly acquired skills. Some of the methods you might find will fit nicely into your  toolkit and others might just be nice to know.  Each of us are individuals with different needs and desires.  The goal of her retreat is providing as many resources that have worked for her including favorite books, meditation, understanding energy, and most importantly a mindful awareness as you continue on your life’s journey.

The purpose of this retreat is to create an intimate gathering of other women who have lost a child to death, and who are choosing to learn a new language to best communicate with our children whenever we desire.

Arts and Crafts

Nothing connects us with our inner child like creativity through art. We will paint and dance, throwing inhibitions and insecurities to the wind. These activities are meant to open our minds to our own inner child, and the children we have lost. An important lesson in healing from the deaths of our children, is that it’s still okay to have fun!

I know when I was a bit concerned about my younger son one evening - and as a mother most can probably relate to these feelings several times during their children’s life - instead of panicking, worrying, and getting my mind all wrapped up in the worst case scenarios, I remembered to just stop and breathe, and a voice from deep inside of my soul whispered, ‘Don’t worry Mom.  I got this.’  And sure enough, I knew that voice.  I knew that voice!  No words were necessary, it was from one soul to another.  When I did not allow my mind to take over like it has been programmed to do, it was important for me to trust and believe that little voice deep inside.  When I did, I allowed the process of life instead of forcing it my way.

Since the day we are born we are programmed in to a set of beliefs and programs.  These programs have come from parents, teachers, religion, and other social institutions. Everything, up until now, in life and death has been a set of rules, regulations, attitudes and beliefs. Not only in life, but how we view and ultimately navigate death, loss, grief, and suffering as well. 

If you are ready to change your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and programs that you have been taught and continue to live as you navigate through loss, this retreat might be for you.


Star Gazing

Miles from any city and with very little light pollution, we will be able to gaze upon billions of bright stars and the milky way. Through the stars, we will connect with our children and be humbled by the majesty of the universe in which we live.

This retreat promises to challenge you and your current set of beliefs. After the suicide deaths of my son and second husband, I realized that I did not have the right tools to navigate this journey. My tool box was missing tools and I had to search outside of my own set of self-limiting beliefs and ideals that were programmed deep in my head. I learned to trust myself and those that I attracted into my life. I found healers that were loving and kind who offered their geniuses to me whom I will be forever grateful. I look forward to sharing every tool, every resource, every book, every sound that I have learned which has provided me the greatest healing of all.



No one can truly understand the pain you have gone through except for other mothers who have also experienced the death of a child. Perhaps most importantly, this retreat offers an opportunity to create a community of women with shared lived experiences, to learn from, to cry and laugh with, to be resilient and grow together.






It’s not a country of light on things, it is a country of things in light.
— Georgia O'Keeffe

After leaving Santa Fe, New Mexico and driving about an hour, you enter the landscape of vast vistas, table-topped mesas, tall cliffs, the Rio Chama bordered by huge old cottonwood trees, mountains in the distance and more beauty around every bend in the winding road.

The landscape of Ghost Ranch - made famous by painter Georgia O’Keeffe - encompasses 21,000 acres of towering rock walls, vivid colors and vast skies. People from all over the world come to work together in creation care, to paint, write poetry, to hike, ride horseback, to research globally renowned archaeological and fossil quarries or simply to rest and renew their spirits.



Located two miles from the Ghost Ranch main campus, Casa del Sol is a retreat space at dedicated to deeper spiritual contemplation. Casa del Sol is a single story adobe home built in the mid-1930s with bedrooms that open up to a shared plaza.

The retreat house, two miles away from main Ghost Ranch facilities, provides a peacefully quiet space amidst a spectacular desert panorama.

Casa del Sol has a spacious common room with fireplace, a full kitchen and simple sleeping rooms. Lectures will be held in the living room which is anchored by a large picture window overlooking Cerro Pedernal. The home and garage, which was recently converted to three hermitages, is set at the base of the multi-colored 700-foot tall cliff wall with a chimney feature standing guard. A heart shaped labyrinth is off to the side, bordered by prayer ties and flags fastened to sagebrush.


There are two room options available: a room shared with another Beyond Proof Retreat participant, and for those that may be uncomfortable sharing rooms there are also 3 private rooms available, first come first serve.

If you know someone else on the retreat, and would like to request a room pairing, please do! Otherwise, Angie will select room pairings based on her knowledge of the you and the other participants.






Our personal chef will cook delicious farm-table meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We will eat meals together, with a view of the sky and desert, and by candle light in the evenings, home-cooked food, conversation, and company.

Sample Menu:


  • Coffee & Tea

  • Swedish Pancakes with maple syrup

  • Egg frittata (thinly sliced potatoes, red peppers, onion, cheese and eggs)

  • Yogurt with granola

  • Fresh Fruit


  • Taco Bar (corn tortillas, salsa, cabbage, lettuce, grilled fish and chicken, guacamole)

  • Black beans and rice

  • Iced Tea

  • Homemade Cookies


  • Cheese and Crackers

  • Apple Slices

  • Chocolate-covered Almonds


  • Vegetarian Torta Rustica (homemade butter pastry layered with sautéed spinach, diced onions, herbs, roasted red peppers, eggplant, mozzarella and provolone cheese)

  • Tossed Salad

  • Homemade creamy cheesecake with fresh berries

* Dietary restrictions and allergies will be accommodated. Just let us know in your registration!



Ghost Ranch.jpg

This is offering just a little taste of what you will experience if you choose to join me on this journey.  A more comprehensive schedule will be provided to you approximately four weeks prior to the start of the retreat.

Please visit this site often as I will be updating and creating the most rewarding and meaningful retreat possible. When you leave Moonglades, it is my desire that you have several new tools and resources to assist as you navigate this journey through death and loss long after the retreat concludes.

Click on the days below to view the full retreat schedule


Plan to arrive in the Land of Enchantment at the Albuquerque International Airport by 3:00 PM on Thursday, September 18th. Road Runner Shuttle Service, NM’s premier bus charter and private ride provider, will be picking you up where you will share a ride with other guests to Ghost Ranch. The ride from the airport to Ghost Ranch is about 3 hours.

Served by our own personal chef

- Introductions, housekeeping, and agenda
- Set personal intentions of what we wish to accomplish during our time together.
- Writing from our soul: A journaling experience.
- An evening meditation/prayer lead by my personal and favorite guest.



We will start each day with a morning meditation/prayer walk and reflection. During this time, we will spend time learning to use our breath, learning to recognize the stillness in our souls as we walk in the quiet presence of the morning.

MORNING SESSION 1: Releasing Negative Thoughts and Behaviors
- Recognize and move forward from the negative self-limiting beliefs, programs, and choices that have kept us stuck and unable to move forward from death, loss, and grief preventing us from ultimate healing.
- We will begin utilizing tools to reprogram our minds from what we have been taught to allowing ourselves to create a new path. Our path. It all begins with a willingness to keep an open mind about everything.


MORNING SESSION 2: The Power of Imagination
- Learn to recognize how our thoughts have dictated how we act, react, mourn and grieve. When we change our thoughts we can create anything we desire. It is a choice. It is a shift in a mindset.
- Begin to allow ourselves to create a new and more rewarding experience as we navigate death and loss.
- Opening our minds to imagination and visualization. Giving ourselves permission to create and learning to honor our imagination with a childlike curiosity and a wonderment. We learn to quiet our egos, our chattering minds to allow the ultimate in peace, serenity and calm, as we navigate death and loss.
- The left brain explains. The right brain defies all explanation. It is here where our loved one resides. It is here we are able to create and realize that absolutely anything is possible in both life and in death.


AFTERNOON SESSION 1: Journaling and Art - Learning Their New Language.
- Through a journaling exercise we learn to ask for what we need. We learn tools to trust our insticts, those gut feelings. How to recognize and become aware of our loved ones and their language
- Art, music, sound, and movement.


AFTERNOON SESSION 2: Energy and its role in healing
- An introduction to energy. What it is, how to recognize it and understanding it’s benefits.
- Energy is a feeling. It can be a trauma to be healed.
- An introduction to Kinesis and Chakras
- An introduction to Reiki - As a certified Reiki Master in the Usui Traditional 6th lineage, I will share what Reiki is, how it works and it’s role in the healing process as well as show demonstration.


EVENING SESSION 1: Astronomy and Astrology
- An evening of folklore as we gather on one the platform, wrapped in blankets, sipping hot cocoa and tea as our eyes gaze at the wondrous and magnificent beauty found in the stars.
- A basic introduction to the stars, their meaning, the constellations and what we can learn from them.




MORNING SESSION 1: Our Personal Guidance System (PGS)
- Utilizing our five senses to recognize the sixth sense…”A knowing.”
- “We can not think our way out of grief. We must feel our way out of grief.”
- Learn to trust gut feelings and intuitions
- The art of discernment.
- We begin to teach our bodies that our mind is no longer our master and our heart becomes our master.


MORNING SESSION 2: The Law of Attraction
- The law of attraction will present to you exactly what you are practicing every day. What are you attracting? What are your thoughts? Are you practicing love and light? Or are you practicing grief, pain, and sorrow?
- You are creating the world through the vibration of your point of view.
- We learn to begin to modulate our current perceptions and points of view so that we can go on and lead joyful lives in gratitude and not devastating pain and suffering.


AFTERNOON SESSION 1: The Healing Frequencies of Sound and Music
- Learn the hidden healing frequencies of sound and music
- An exercise in guided meditation using sound, vibrations, and frequencies


AFTERNOON SESSION 2: Recognizing the Numbers, Signs, and Symbols
- Learning all of the different ways in which you will recieve messages from your loved one and trusting they truly are messages from beyond. Only you will know.
- Learn to recognize the soul print of your loved one. Their personalities do not change.


EVENING SESSION 1: Fireside Chats
- Tonight we will be meeting around the firepit in the cool Southwestern desert
- We will be sharing with one another how our loved ones have presented




* 11:00 AM on Sunday, September 21st. Road Runner Shuttle Service will be picking you up where you will share a ride with other guests back to the Albuquerque International Airport. The ride from Ghost Ranch to the airport is about 3 hours.



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