Redefining Death and Loss

A different, positive and uplifting approach




My beautiful son chose to take his life and then one year later my second husband took his life. Through significant loss, I was forced to understand and accept the energetic properties of the connectedness of the universe, for if I didn't, I would have surely shriveled up and died myself. 

I chose to share my journey with others.

Through these life-altering experiences, I am thankful that I continue to take the road less traveled. This road has served me well, but not without deep sorrow, pain, and hurt along the way. My mission is to share my experiences with others and show that through choice, present moment-awareness, and most of all keeping an open mind that anything is possible; even in death.

I created a very different, positive and uplifting approach to this part of life we call death and invite you to join me.


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Beyond Proof Retreat for Women who have Lost a Loved One to Death

September 19 - 22, 2019